Exciting MSO Product Enhancement

Exciting MSO Upgrades Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce two key upgrades that are launching in January to improve the MSO user experience, including:

  1. A redesigned Campaign page, with new graphics, icons and colors
  2. The ability to flag a campaign as a “Test” so that users can test upcoming campaigns without modifying campaign dates

About the Test Campaign Update

By checking the “Set Test” button on a campaign, all development and test work orders will use messages from the Test Campaign, while production work orders continue to use messages from the live campaign. Your FSSI Account Rep can process a test work order that produces a PDF Approval that includes the Test Campaign messaging for your review. This is done without the need to change the Valid From/To dates on any campaign, so now you can test campaigns while ensuring your campaign dates remain accurate.

Important Updates:

  • When the Set Test flag is enabled on a campaign, all test and development work orders use the messages in that campaign regardless of the Valid From and Valid To Dates
  • The existing Campaign date logic is unchanged, where you cannot have overlapping campaigns
  • Production Work Orders will never use the Set Test flag and will always pull from the live campaign
  • The Set Test Flag needs to be manually removed from a campaign after testing is finished
  • The Set Test Flag can be applied on any campaign type (Expired, Live, Upcoming)
  • Only one campaign can be set as a test campaign at a time

If you have any questions, please contact your FSSI Account Representative. You can view additional details by accessing the study guide within MSO or logging into https://www.fssiknowledgestream.com.